1. A simple tool for evaluating Nitrogen Use Efficiency improvement technologies

This tool was developed to analyze the impact of adopting NUE improvement technologies on nitrogen fertilizer application rates, nitrogen use efficiency, and farmer’s profit on farm and regional scales, assuming the farmer optimizes nitrogen application rates to maximize profit.


Optimal nitrogen fertilization rates and net profit for different technologies, under various fertilizer-to-crop price ratios.  

More details could be found at the poster presentation at the SSSA Nitrogen Use Efficiency Conference NUE_Poster

Contact for more information.


2. A demand-based model for projecting nitrous oxide emission from agricultural sector

demand-based model

The schematic structure for a demand-based model for agricultural N2O emission

Contact for more information.


3. GFDL-LM3-Yield Model


The schematic structure for LM3 model

Contact for more information.


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