New Session for 2018 AGU Fall Meeting and a special issue for GBC:

GC075: Quantifying Nutrient Budgets for Sustainable Nutrient Management

Nutrients, such as Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorus (P), are critical for net primary productivity in agricultural and non-agricultural ecosystems and are consequently important for food and climate security. However, rising nutrient inputs to agricultural production and the biosphere have led to severe environmental issues. Quantifying nutrient budgets, including the nutrient inputs and outputs of a defined system or a spatial boundary, is an essential step towards sustainable nutrient management, and also provides critical inputs to agronomic, biogeochemical and climate models. Therefore, this session calls for research efforts on quantifying, analyzing, and/or projecting nutrient budgets on various system levels (e.g., crop and livestock production systems, integrated agro-food systems) and spatial scales (e.g., farms, watersheds, nations). This session aims to provide an opportunity to assess the advances and challenges in the existing nutrient budgeting methods and databases, and to engage discussions towards better quantification of nutrient budgets for various applications.

Conveners: Xin Zhang (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science), Luis Lassaletta (Technical University of Madrid), Nathaniel Mueller (University of California, Irvine), Josep Canadell (CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research), Rich Conant (Colorado State University)  

Time and location for AGU 2018: Dec. 10-14, Washington D.C.

Submission Site:

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, 1 August 23:59 EDT

Session ID: 48286

Section/Focus Group: Global Environmental Change

Cross-Listed: Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences, GeoHealth, Biogeosciences

Index Terms: 0402 Agricultural systems; 0470 Nutrients and nutrient cycling; 1615 Biogeochemical cycles, processes, and modeling; 1630 Impacts of global change

Special issue: Global Biogeochemical Cycles (more details about the submission will be provided soon)



Climate Ride 2014 NYC-DC

I rode my bike from NYC to DC this September to support the science community on climate change and to advocate for a healthy and environment-friendly lifestyle.



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